AP Company

«Your smile is our inspiration».
AP Company

Our AP Company has been working in Uzbekistan since 2007. Starting as a medical distributor we've then made a decision to open and develop our grocery and consumable departments. Uzbekistan is a country situated in the Central Asia with the population of more than 30 million people (in 2013) with Tashkent as a capital which has a population of 3 million.

Our sales force consists of 5 sales managers who together with logistics department control the sales in the whole territory of Uzbekistan. For the present moment we are glad to convince that we have good and stable relations with such companies like Sunstar Butler (oral care products), BIC (shavers, lighters), Ultradent Products (in-office and at home tooth whitening systems), Ty-Phoo (tea), Durr (disinfection) and others.

We work to develop business relations with partners from all over the world, to find good customers here and to represent new products for them. And we believe in our success!

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